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MRS INDIA WORLDWIDE contest reaches out to beautiful and talented females from North India to be a part of this mega event and use this platform as door to enter the glamorous world of fame, attracting a lot of fanfare.
Various companies are integrated through various media platforms, solidifying its standing as a leader in technological advances, which enables them to meet all viewers' and advertisers' needs.
It would surely act as a catalyst in the image building of the main sponsors, co sponsors and all others associated with the event. The event would be extensively covered by the print and the visual media, giving justice to the prestige and the grace of the event. Invitation will be sent out to the people who have reached echelon in their respective fields. This Beauty contest is surely to create waves, SO COME BE A PART OF IT!
The event is organized to cater and attract people from different strata of the society. Eminent personalities from the media and fashion world and the reputed corporate houses will be invited. The event will showcase the fashion and style which are in vogue and will be an inspiration for the style conscious people. The general public would have the opportunity of witnessing the telecast with the help of number of entertainment channels covering the event.


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